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Google is the ultimate source of any kind of query or information. There is nothing whose answer it doesn’t know. That is why users make sure that they are using the exact kind of words and language while searching for anything. A big wave has been made with the Google’s latest algorithm, which totally depends on the ways one chooses to use words for searching anything. Bert Update, which was announced on October 2019, was primarily introduced to know the basic requirement in natural language queries. It helps a machine to understand what words in a sentence mean but considering all the nuances present. The BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is an algorithm related to natural language processing. This update makes sure that Google is able to take exactly what humans are in search of. It is useful to properly understand the processing of the natural language. This algorithm is introduced to specifically let Google to understand the relationships between various elements of language in a search engine. Therefore, BERT will help to understand the search and nuance better and accordingly match the queries with helpful results.

How the Google Bert update, will make the searches better:

  • Before Google’s BERT update came, if the searches were about a certain thing, then the results related to those particular words in the search would also come as results. As we all know that words can be replaced, and there are synonymous words for every word. So Google previously (before BERT update) showed the result of a search such that it matched the search of another query that included synonymous words. So in order to improve the content this update was introduced.
  • The search needs to be exactly what the user needs. Along with that, prepositions like ‘to’ and ‘for’ matter a lot and therefore, derive different meanings depending on the context and the words used. That way the context will be understood and the results can be yielded accordingly.
  • Previously Google used to concentrate on a particular word in the search, or even predict the search with its autocomplete feature even before the user completes typing in it. But with this update the user can put the exact word related to his/her search and therefore Google will yield the exact result required. This will optimize the content for the user and stick to the natural language and not synonyms.
  • Many a times, the users used to insert disorganized text to search. Therefore sloppy content may not be favored by the Google Bert update. It is more like the kind of human like conversation. Therefore the user can type exactly his/her required search (the natural way one would choose to ask a question) and Google will yield the exact result accordingly. The Bert update allows Google to understand the searches of the users better. It helps Google to understand exactly what the user wants to search for, and accordingly come up with relevant search results and snippets. It works in a manner similar to the phones that we use.

To optimize for BERT:

  1. Make content for real human beings. The main motive is to understand the natural language processing. Therefore in the simplest terms, the content should be written for real humans.
  2. Make sure your content is exactly answering to the questions and queries of your audience.
  3. Use the language that the audience is using, so that the results match their queries.
  4. Provide relatable and exact content and not just beat the bush around. The content related to the search will only get showed if the content is written in that manner.

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BERT is definitely going to help the users in providing with relevant search results. The users have to be very specific about their searches, which will give them the exact and expected answers of their queries. Users can now search in a natural way, rather than typing a host of words which they feel Google understands. They can ask a question in a manner in a way they naturally choose to ask a question.

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